Wednesday, September 5, 2012

1966 Williams Craft Camper (Before Photos!)

As promised here are the before photos of our vintage camper. My affectionate name for her is camperrrr and my cousins called her little camper. I've fussed over names and I'm pretty sure her name is Libby. That's her formal name anyway. Camperrrr will always be #1.

So our camper is a 1966 Williams Craft, built in Arlington, Texas. This camper has such a great layout and so many windows. A lot of people have asked me if we will paint the outside, and I would like to. However I also really like the classic white and silver color scheme. So who knows? Maybe I'll pick a color for the exterior door. I think the silver rocks.

We will be painting the inside. The curtains that my cousins couldn't stand are gone and we've installed white roller blinds. Now that we're staying at my parents, my dad and I will start the process of fixing some dry rot, adding new insulation, wiring etc. B will help us when he can but he's got a lot going on with full-time work and college.

The layout is pretty much awesome for a camper this size. When you step in, to the left is the sitting area / beds and to the right is the kitchen. It's tall so if you're 6' you don't even have to duck which rocks. Very bright and airy with all the windows!

Here's a ceiling view and you can see the top bunk.  The bunk folds down to make a bed.

Just another view of the seating area. Quite a few people can hang out in here without it feeling too crowded. This also pulls out to make the main sleeping area. There's extra storage under the two left and right benches.

The upper bunk pulled out...

Full size bed. We may turn this into a queen size bed, it's an idea at the moment anyway.

There's a little table that sets up, you can put it on the left or the right. It's a great table for 2. I love to sit here, eating breakfast while looking out the windows. It will be a great place for B to have a cup coffee.

The dinette table top has the same material as the kitchen counter - a vintage confetti pattern.

And here's the kitchen!!  AKA the front of the camper. We also have a cute screen door.

All the cabinetry and paneling will be painted.

We'll be replacing the air conditioner. Also note the original kitchen lights and the vintage sconce on the wall. Very cool. There's a small closet on the left and then what we call the potty closet which is where the port-a-potty was.

There's that original starburst pattern backsplash! I die. It's the coolest.

A view of the counter tops (and the same pattern on the dinette table) and yes, this will stay.

Words can't describe how awesome the propane oven is. Not only is it super cool, but it works great.

Well kids, that's the "before" photo tour of our new camper. Stay tuned.