Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Camper Renovation - Sewing, Beads and Fabric

So guess what - we took Libby camping! It took two weeks of intense work to get her "camp ready" and we had a lot of fun on the test run. There were a few things to fix or adjust but it went great. My mom was awesome and sewed our new camper cushions. My dad installed our new air conditioner and made sure the fridge wasn't going anywhere. Here's some photos of the cushion making madness...

I thought the cushions that came with our camper were great but since we made the bed bigger, we needed new cushions. We are pretty sure that the cushions were not original as the foam was just in too good of condition. 50 year old foam would have been all well... old, stinky, stained and/or grainy. They must have been made by some previous owners before my cousin bought the camper. 

Since our cushions make the bed I just had to add a layer of memory foam on top of each cushion. I ended up buying two memory foam mattress toppers in queen size (1.5" thick) and cut them up for the cushions. I also just used the foam from the original cushions (and added foam where needed.)

We closed up the backs of the cushions with velcro so that the covers could be removable and washable.

Just another one of my projects - this one is still a work in progress! My dad took the original chandelier and painted it white for me. Ok, I should say that I painted it white and made a huge mess of it. Then my dad exclaimed "didn't anyone teach you how to shoot paint?" and proceeded to sand blast it and repaint it. It looks great now. I have since been stringing different beads to hang on it. It's going to be filled with beads of all colors.

Cushion test run...

And here's just a little picture of our Libby at Tyler State Park.