Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Amarillo road trip - aka get camper! (the big camera version)

Here are some of my favorite photos from the Amarillo trip (taken with the big camera.) There was driving, squealing and lots of gorgeous West Texas scenery.

My baby cousin G!!  Obviously, he got bigger ;)  Love this guy!

Ok peeps, here's our cousin N and their ahhhh-dorable baby girl (miss Z!) This girl worked her magic and somehow talked G into selling their camper to us. Can I just say that she is AWESOME!? I mean we all know it, but now you do too. Thank you thank you thank you thank you.

So after lots of squealing, pictures, hugs and squeals we said goodbye and hooked it to Palo Duro Canyon State Park. And yeah, there was this precarious road that I sorta/kinda/failed to mention to B until the night before. Ahhhhh! But we survived and it was so worth it.

Palo Duro Canyon

So now we're at base camp (aka my parents) and I can't wait to get started renovating the camper.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Amarillo road trip - aka get camper! (the iPhone version)

On Monday we hit the road and drove 6 hours to meet my cousins (halfway) in Amarillo, Texas. It was a fun little road trip and the best part was finally getting our new vintage camper! So get this: after meeting up with my cousin at the Furr's cafeteria parking lot, some old guy tried to buy our camper three minutes after we got in to look around. It was so funny. B was all, this camper is already sold! What can I say? She's gorgeous. People love her.

So yeah, there was a lot of squealing (from me) and picture taking. While camper and I were having a moment, B got the 411 for camper stuff from G. Which is a good thing since I know diddly squat about that stuff. Then we hooked her up, hugged goodbye and hit the road to stay the night in Palo Duro Canyon state park. Which btw, has a pretty much precarious road to get into the canyon. And yeah, that's where we took camper the first time.

We celebrated with a pizza and cokes the first night in the camper then got some rest for the drive back. On Tuesday it was home or bust.

I'm so excited to decorate the camper - for sure will post before and after photos. Because hello, we need an official tour right?! Can't wait to take her out for another adventure real soon. Love love love. p.s. if you can't tell already I am stupid excited about this. Thanks so much to my amazing cousins.

Friday, July 6, 2012

So I have this Crush (on a Vintage Camper)

Not just any camper. My cousin's camper. It happened innocently enough when he rolled in from New Mexico to the family reunion in Texas. I just about died when I went inside to see a turquoise sink and stove, an original 1960's backsplash, and wrap around windows. It was obsession at first sight. My cousin mentioned he might fix it up and flip it for a profit. He found her in Amarillo and paid a whopping $800.00 for her.

A year later at the next family reunion, that camper taunted me again. To top it off another cousin rolled in with a new vintage camper. That was it. I wanted a vintage camper. But not just any camper: G's camper. Hey, one can dream right?

My search for the perfect camper got crazy. I was willing to go as far as Oregon to get one, and even found someone who could check it out for me, but every camper I liked kept selling before we could even ask to look at them. I started emailing my cousin with random questions: were non-working breaks normal, did theirs come with A/C, was it hard to install A/C. I joked that they needed to just sell me their camper already. G's wife asked my budget and said they'd keep an eye out for me (and that she'd work on G to see if he'd sell theirs.)

I'll admit every time I went on Facebook and I had a message, a little part of me thought wouldn't it be awesome if it was about the camper and G wanted to sell it? Well one day I got that message! I almost fell out of my chair in excitement. Then I took a screenshot of the message and texted it to my husband:

Btw, he's telling me happy Halloween because one day I said that I would rather buy a vintage camper than throw my usual Halloween party. Yes, I spend a crazy amount on Halloween parties. Let's just leave it at that.

So this is the story of the cutest little camper ever. She's a 1966 Williams Craft with wrap around windows, original turquoise sink and stove, and vintage starburst backsplash. I had to pay some $$$ to get G to part with her. I am so excited. These are personal pics of G's I swiped online. I am bouncing off the walls counting the days till we go pick her up. 10 more days? Can't wait to decorate and go on our first camping adventure! My cousins totally win best cousins ever award.