Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Camper Renovation - Time to Decorate

I am so excited to say that the hard work is done. Yay!!

Seriously can't believe that I had this three week idea to patch and decorate our vintage camper and that it turned into a five month re-build. We're basically done with that part - just need to install the air conditioner and pop the fridge in when I get those. Oh and the windows need new screens... but that's no biggie! Dad is finally finished with his part of helping me out and now it's pretty much all me. Yes, it's time to start caulking, priming and painting my little heart out.

The hole in the cabinet door is so for the "kitty loo" and the fridge will sit on that shelf to the left of the door. Under the fridge will be a place for the pet water bowl. 

The cabinet under the stove has a water heater - now we have hot water for the sink. 

Back seating area, with under the seat storage. The couch will pull out to make a queen size bed.

When I was out sick with my concussion, my dad was busy working on the Williams Craft plaques, bringing them to their original condition. He did a great job. And check out the new trailer lights. 

The new metal siding for the front and roof turned out really nice. 

So yeah, that's how she looks right now! Of course there is no way I could have done this without my dad. Dad you're the best! Thank you so much for helping me re-build Camperrrr.

And don't worry guys... my dad is living it up now and relaxing with his new if-it's-any-bigger-it-would-block-the-windows TV. Back when we started this project I joked that I was going to buy him a fancy new big screen TV. He would get so mad and tell me to not even think about it! That he'd get a new one when that old one kicked the bucket. Well, I do what I want... and I think he's attached. Goodness knows he deserves it.

Stay tuned for more Camperrrr goodness.  Can't wait to see what's next!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Camper Renovation - Put a Roof on It

Camperrrr!! Well everyone, the last photos I shared of our vintage Williams Craft camper's progress were taken mid-November and obviously I was kinda bad at taking photos because the next set I have to share is from mid-December! That being said, this is a pretty exciting moment because THE ROOF CAME IN! Yes, this would be the day that our new aluminum roof arrived via freight. It's funny because we didn't know when to expect it and one day I came home from shopping and found my dad messing with a giant cardboard tube.

me: dad. what is that? is that what I think it is?
dad: it's nothing.
me: no really - is it my camper roof?!
dad: no Bran.
me: ugh. dad if it's my camper roof you better tell me so I can get my camera!!!
dad: well you better go get your camera.


A couple of days later (on a warm, non-windy day) we proceeded to put the roof on. Dad had a crew of helpers (I was told to just take pictures and be quiet ha!)

Thanks to my uncles and grandpa for helping out with operation put a roof on it!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Camper Renovation - Gettin' Kitchen With It

So it feels like forever since we've worked on camper, what with the holidays and being out of town and that issue with the door frame. Yes,  I ran into a door frame and got a concussion. Seriously feeling so much better now. But I promise guys we are almost caught up on Camperrrr photos.

Here are some pics from when we started rebuilding the new kitchen area.

Coming up next... more kitchen re-build!