Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Camper Renovation - Drawers and Closets!

Heck yes. Now we're getting somewhere! So before the roof issue, dad said I could go ahead and prime some stuff. Well my priming skills must be the bomb-diggity cause he got kinda cranky when his marking lines or something were all covered up. After that they took my paint brush away. So yeah, Camperrrr's rocking the part white / part natural look. At least she's put back together again.

With the tarps back up over the exposed roof, we started working inside. Yes, the time had come to build some furniture. And wouldn't you know, I really thought this part would be easy. When it comes to fixing up vintage campers, some say you just need to measure, and measure again.  But it's more of a measure, compare, measure, cut a piece of wood to fit, measure again, trim off a 1/4", check it, trim a little more, rip your hair out, measure, trim, give your daughter that look, ok that looks good, get the nail gun kinda deal. Oh and in these pictures the floor has a protective gray coating.

New bed / seating area. Totally had to have a couple of cat holes for the kitties to hang out. The rest will be storage.

A view from the seating area to the front (aka our new, bigger kitchen.)

So originally there was a cabinet with a counter top by the seating area and door. Since I really wanted more closet space, I did some research and decided to go ahead and make a second closet where the cabinet used to be. Let's not forget my ghetto mock-up of how it might look in Photoshop...

Ava loves her Camperrrr! Can't wait to share the next batch of photos when we start building the kitchen.

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