Friday, June 21, 2013

Camper Renovation - Ombre, Chevron and Dinos

I'm slowly decorating the camper, in the meantime we have gone camping for vacation. We had a great time at Possum Kingdom state park and Lake Whitney, Texas. For now here are a few pics of Libby's progress!

One of the original lights + an IKEA magnetic board to showcase prints. Oh and 3 itty bitty dinosaurs. 

My vintage blow fish print. I picked this up in an antique store and when I re-framed it I discovered it isn't a print but the cover of a cruise ship dinner menu from the 1960's.

Oh hey, here are some cinnamon rolls freshly baked in Libby's vintage gas turquoise oven! So cool. And I absolutely love my new camper kitchen. There's plenty of room for cooking.

New camper cushions!! I really like how the gray and white stripes turned out. And I'm totally crushing on these turquoise ombre and yellow chevron throw pillows! All sewn by my awesome mom. Thanks mom! Oh, and there's a peek of the yellow floor too.


  1. What color and kind of paint did you use on appliances?

  2. Hi Karen! The turquoise sink and stove are original to the camper - lucky me!! :)

  3. What make and year is your camper? It's presh!

  4. Hi Jennifer! It's a 1966 Williams Craft and thank you! :)