Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Camper Renovation - Paint Chips and a Rainbow Door

The latest project has been Libby's rainbow door. I pondered all kinds of treatments for the interior door... from wallpapering pink flamingos to painting it. Then one day on Pinterest I saw some wall art made with paint chips and thought now that's an idea. So I started collecting a ton of paint chips.

Unfortunately this project did not work at all. I tried several ways to apply the paint chips and ended up with bad results. After paint chips I tried gluing on Washi tape stripes, but the changes in weather and humidity made it all wrinkle up, fall off and just look like crap. I've since ripped most of it off. Let's just keep these photos here as a memory of what could have been. Maybe I should just paint the door.

It looked good when I first put the strips of paper up...

The next morning it just looked awful. So I tried it again with different adhesive...

And the morning after that, the new ones fell off. So I ripped it off for the second time and tried Washi tape instead. 

I didn't feel like wasting time doing the whole door, just in case it fell through. So I left it like this to see how it would hold up. After our week long camping trip with the heat and a rain storm, the tape just peeled off, and bubbled up despite a coat of sealer. It looked terrible. I've since pulled it off and the door still needs to be taken care of.


  1. I read most of your camperrr blog and enjoyed it. I laughed quite a bit at your zany comments and your dad's patient zeal. You're quite character! I'm mostly impressed that you both stuck with it and finished the darned thing off after so many months. Way to go. Thanks for posting your story.

  2. awww thanks LL! Yes, the rebuild is finished. At some point we would like to paint the exterior. I still need to finish decorating the inside!

  3. have you ever posted a picture of the finished trailer? or the project as it is so far? I am dying to see it. I love that triangle window so much!

    1. Hi Elesa, I will be sharing some new photos soon. I thought we were finished, but due to my Fibromyalgia I realized that I could no longer deal with the pull out bed. This month my dad and I worked on the camper again, but only for a few days this time. :)