Thursday, October 11, 2012

Camper Renovation - Rear Framing and Stormy Weather

Stormy weather was in the forecast (and boy, did it rain!) Thank goodness we rigged up a makeshift shelter. It was a bummer that the camper would not fit in my dad's shop. This worked well though...  p.s. I referred to our first batch of rainy weather as monsoon #1.  Not quite expected for this time of year in North Texas.

New subfloor in progress...  as well as the bottom rear framing.  We painted it with some type of rubber coating to help prevent dry rot (hence the grayish color.)  We also painted the bottom of the subfloor (the part that is exposed to the ground) with the same stuff.

The camper is now decked out with all new wiring. There's even an outlet in the loft bed for twinkle lights and what not.

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