Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Camper Renovation - Sledgehammers and Starburst

I sorta kinda had this idea to rip out the closets and make more room in the front of Camperrrr. Bigger fridge, yeah? Of course that would be a stupid amount of work and I wasn't about to push my luck. Then my cat went missing. And the first day I was this pathetic, bawling mess. And my dad felt sorry for me. Or something.

So at some point I mentioned what I really wanted to do and dad gets all happy camper on me and says, "LET'S DO IT!" with this gung-ho/get the sledgehammer/cheer up attitude. So we spent the rest of the day tearing out the front of the camper. And we found more starburst and rotten wood. Crazy hua?

Oh that's just my dad. Standing on the ground. In the camper. 

So the interior of the potty closet had this ugly 80's paneling and as it turns out someone had covered up original starburst paneling with it! It's too bad they used glue all over... it was totally ruined. At least we saved the bit of starburst that was above the sink and stove. And check out that rotten paneling. It was not fun taking out the original built in closets - there were only a gazillion nails/staples holding the structures in.

Yay for starburst! Btw, there was a giant pile of fire ants under the paneling just under the starburst - thank goodness the starburst was ok. So this is when the renovation gets crazy and it's just the tip of the iceberg.

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