Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Austin Camping Trip - Part 3

While in Austin we discovered and became obsessed with Torchy's Tacos. I wish we had a Torchy's in Fort Worth. But hey kids, they have a few Torchy's in Dallas, so look it up. Update: Torchy's is in Fort Worth now! If you go, get the Trailer Park taco - trashy style. So so good. Another must was trying out The Salt Lick in Driftwood, Texas. We heard about this place on the Food Network once and just had to go. We finally made it and wow, the BBQ was amazing! I was a total little piggy and ordered The Rancher plate. And I pretty much ate it all.

Not gonna lie, we loved Torchy's so much we ate there twice. Brandon is also now obsessed with the fountain drink Doppleganger, which he claims is just like and even better than Dublin Dr Peppers.  They have it on tap at Torchy's so mainly we had to go again so B could get the Doppleganger. We also tried out Home Slice Pizza in Austin for some yummy New York style pizza.

The highlight of our trip to Austin was our day trying out SUP, or Stand Up Paddleboarding. B had wanted to try this for a few years, so we finally did it. You can rent SUP ATX (only the best boards, made in Austin) at the Texas Rowing Center on Lady Bird Lake. This place was great - we rented boards for the whole day and could come and go as we pleased. So we went out, came back to have our picnic lunch and then went back out again. I have to say SUP was the most fun. I loved it more than canoeing or kayaking. Now I'm obsessed with it, and I want to buy SUP boards. This makes B happy.

Yep, SUP is like a mega surfboard. You balance on them and though it looks difficult, it's so easy. I'm not kidding, pretty much anyone can do it. My favorite part is the different ways you can SUP. You can stand and paddle, sit and paddle, or lay down and pretend you're the Big Kahuna. If you want to break for lunch, you can take a small cooler on it and then just float and eat on the lake. You can lay down and relax, get off and swim and get back on easily. You can even take your favorite pup with you. Oh, and you can go into really really shallow water too.

Can't believe summer is almost over! Hope you're having a great end of summer. We sure are.

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