Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Our Crazy New Adventure

So we bought a vintage camper and I really wanted to focus on fixing her up. Then I got the crazy idea to live out of our camper, even though there wasn't a bathroom. At the time it seemed feasible - we could spend the money we saved on rent to renovate the camper while living at my parents. Our lease was up in a month, so why sign another lease if we really wanted to do this?

Oh, my husband was going back to college for the first time in years. There was no way we could sell everything and move in two weeks. Well we did, and it was great to downsize. Who's great idea was this? Oh you know, this girl.

If we were just moving, that would be one thing. But we needed to get rid of all our stuff. Oh and we had to tell people. So we made them guess what was going on! HAHA

All that photo gear we hoarded (and didn't use?) needed to sell it! Clothes we never wore? Time to donate! Who needed cabinets of kitchen gadgets when the basics would do? Yes, our house looked like a store. We kept our books, cameras, guitars, globes, the fur babies and just a handful of furniture that would fit in our new tiny space. We had two garage sales, several private sales and plenty of donations. You'd think that saying goodbye to all of your stuff would be sad, but it was actually invigorating and freeing.

We have since sold 90% of our stuff and moved into a private suite at my parents. We've lived with my parents twice before: once while we built our first home and again when I launched my photography business full-time. The four of us get a long so well that the living situation just works. It helps that we have our own space and thermostat. The best part is being out in the country where we can see the stars at night, have a garden, and of course have access to plenty of tools and the ability to renovate our camper.

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