Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Camper Renovation - Lucky Charms and Steel

Remember when we first started this project? Oh you know, we had to pull back some outer skin to rip out the rear framing and I was getting a little freaked out. Well that was nothing. Anyway, thanks to Callie cat missing and a gung-ho attitude we gutted the front of the camper. And since the subfloor was really rotten in certain areas, well guess what... we decided to just replace the whole floor. Of course.

Before we oh/so/carefully pulled out the vintage oven and sink... the guys kept putting tools on top of that stuff. So my dad told me to get some cardboard and cover it up. Hence the Lucky Charm boxes. Yes, I like Lucky Charms. Oh and then we took the wheels off.  !!!!!!

Um, yeah.  This was probably a freak out moment.  I can't really remember now which means either a) I totally trusted the force or b) it was so traumatic I'm blocking it.

Let's see, the places I've starred... were places where it was wood (or in the case of the middle beams, non-existent.)  Basically my dad is Superman and welded new steel framing to the existing structure. It rocks having a dad who can weld. Now this floor is solid. 

Well kids, you've got a lot of catching up to do with Camperrrr! We're already at the point where I need to make decisions on lights, hardware and what to do for the countertop (among other things.) The original countertop was too rotten underneath to keep. That is a sad, sad thing. Anyway, it's looking good so I'll be posting a lot more pretty quick!

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