Thursday, November 29, 2012

Camper Renovation - Plywood and Nail Guns

So um, it's almost December. D E C E M B E R. How the heck did this happen?! Sure, I had turkey and pie. I should have expected this. But it sorta kinda snuck up on me. I mean hello, my cat still smells like a skunk. Apparently there are Halloween lights hanging up behind my bookcase. Kinda forgot about those. Oh, and I've hoarded more Camperrrr pics than I thought. Did I mention my cat got sprayed by a skunk? Oh YES. It was skunk-tastic.

Basically crazy busy = no time to blog. So yeah, it's almost December. But guess what? My hair doesn't smell like skunk anymore. Camperrrr is lookin' good. B's first semester back at college is almost done. Can't. wait. to see my husband more. So excited for some time to relax, bake cookies, blog a little... you know, the usual.  

After we tore out the front of camper and the old sub-floor, it was time to build a new floor.

Btw, that second photo is totally staged. My mom had about two seconds to take the pic before dad got all Ha. Love my dad.

Oh, wait.  This is where he's totally saying 

See that little silver x-bracing?  Oh it's just holding the camper together.  No biggie.

So I finally had a chance to sort through TONS of camper photos. Check back soon for more updates.

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